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The Registration and Entrance Education of the New International Students in 2017 Come to a Successful End


    This September, Students from 22 countries all over the world come to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. They inject new life to the school.



    On Sept. 7th, 15 postgraduate students complete their registration. On Sept. 12th 53 undergraduate students complete theirs. In the future, they will have a different life in the School to realize they dreams.



    International Students Office highly values this registration. All the teachers work together to helps there new students in materials verification and collection, accommodation registration, charging etc.



    On the morning of Sept. 13, all the teachers of International Students Office and new students have a simple but solemn opening ceremony together. Mr. Huang Rong, Director of International Affair Department, gives the new students a warm welcome. He introduces the history, scale and international communication and cooperation of the School. Ms. Wang Li, Director of International Students Office, introduces the development of international education of the School. She wishes the new students can catch this opportunity, study harder to realize their dreams.



    Besides, International Students Office invites leaders and teachers from Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Culture Security Bureau, Security Department and clinic to answer the questions and problems in studying in China, and help them to understand the rules and procedures.



    With the help of the teachers and students, the registration and entrance education come to a successful end. Later, these new students will begin their courses. Hope them fit themselves to the new environment, and study hard study to become qualified medicine professionals.